Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download

Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download

image Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download

Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download – Since ProStream was first founded in November 2017, it has been widely welcomed in the market as the most suitable answer for a wide variety of premium applications, including premium postal mail and corporate applications. realistic expression, eg. B. Books, magazines, and timetables.

There are currently over 30 establishments in total working at full capacity and providing customers with the highest level of availability.

The ProStream is known for its unwavering quality and increased productivity. It enables customers to move highly valued work from balance to inkjet without sacrificing quality, while expanding expertise across the value chain and abusing the full imagination of printing to. variable information in specialized multi-channel crusades.

The new printing difficulties require a different inventive methodology. Canon Solutions America’s Oce ProStream arrangement is designed for a professional printing market, delivering full-featured, high-inclusion inkjet printing that supports inkjet printer innovation beyond current limitations and deepens the standard for professional printing and realistic expressions. This is a press for professional printers who want to update their applications and administrative contributions, as well as offload the work of existing counterbalance presses.

The ProStream is a web-based inkjet print engine that can print a width of 565 mm (22 inches) and was created with the requirements for premium mail and large professional printing applications. as a top priority. It was structured from the start so that the best advancements in computer and offset printing were consolidated as well as in dynamic situations and innovative business instances of inventive commercial printers and concentrated direct mail. It is a device that allows printers to focus more on content, faster turnaround times, and better support.

The ProStream exceeds expectations in demanding applications where existing printing innovations are limited: run lengths too short for the scale to operate productively, typically volumes exceeding the throughput of toner engines and media volumes superior from existing inkjet printers. Printers can use the ProStream to take control of short runs so that loose counterbalance presses can run more successfully for a period of time, incorporate custom content after monochrome overprinting, increase the volume of toner applications, and increase output. costs with some toner engines increasing efficiency.

Why Using ProStream 1000 

In expansion, the ProStream is one of the most important inkjet printing machines for printing on matte, silk and matte gloss papers in article quality by combining three new key developments: application ColorGrip, polymer-based color ink and a floating dryer The paper web flies over rollers and mechanical parts. These POIs have the need, cost, and additional funding for UV or other protective coatings.

The ProStream prints at 1200 x 1200 dots per inch at full speed and has one of the highest print qualities in its efficiency class, so users can postpone their jobs without negotiating sterile compensation cycles .

With an estimated 90% availability of a mobile chassis, customers can do more jobs every day. To be fair, customers with one admin per step can productively edit 35 million pages per month with just one admin.

The ProStream provides reserves for item cost reserves because it can run on product quality papers and uses robust ink. Far from being difficult to use, it offers incredible uptime and reliability. The ProStream ensures top-notch paid employment, for example by presenting assurances such as regular mail or inventory and quitting the press. It is truly an inkjet printing machine that can meet the needs of business print advertising.

Installation Procedure (Ij start Canon)

ij.start.canon1. Wireless Connection

How to start Canon Printer with Wireless ConnectionCanon ProStream 1000 Driver Download

Make the Connection between the printer and devices, like a computer/smartphone/tablet, using a wireless modem/router.

If you own a wireless modem/router, it is recommended that you use it to make the wireless connection.

Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download
  • It can be a variation of Connection methods, depending on the wireless router type.
  • The network settings can be changed, you can change the SSID and security protocol on the printer
  • After the connection between a device and a wireless modem/router is successfully completed and Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download (Wi-Fi icon) is displayed on the device’s screen, you are able to connect the device to the printer using the wireless router.

canon ij setup2. USB Connection

  • Download the driver software based on your operating system Version from the table below
  • Double Click on the driver software file
  • Follow the instruction
  • Connect the printer USB cable to your computer
  • When the installation procedures are done, print a test page
  • If it prints well, the printer is ready to use.

Canon ProStream 1000 Driver Download Links

Driver for MS. Windows all versions 32bit
Driver for MS. Windows all versions 64bit
ProStream 1000 Manual

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