ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download

Canon ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download

image Canon ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download

Canon ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download – The ColorStream 3900ZTwin series is ​​the range of excellent fast inkjet printers at speeds of 48, 75, 100, or 127 meters per instant for 324 to 1,714 A4 images per instant.

With its unique blend of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality, it untangles and accelerates the progression from monochrome to full shade or even 5 or 6 shades. The offset adjustment of the DigiDot swab creates fresh subtleties and smooth halftones with an apparent nature of 1200 dpi at full speed.

It delivers efficiency and adaptability for rapid shading and monochrome authoring of Exchange, TransPromo, Standard Mail, Book and Manual applications with the unwavering quality, print quality, and media expansion associated with DigiDot innovation. The ColorStream 3900ZTwin arrangement provides measured contribution in a variety of single and dual configurations. The ColorStream 3900Z Customizable Dual Layout Frame lets you customize the print mode to coordinate the pace of shading changes.

A ColorStream 3900ZTwin arrangement with full shading can be configured as a monochrome frame if required. The personalization and adaptability of the media help create a forward-looking framework that disentangles the progression of uses and action plans to more modern reports with variable personalization and a brighter match on the shading.

The ColorStream 3200 is the section layout of the ColorStream 3900Z series that prints 48 meters at all times. It is typically moved to the ColorStream 3500 frame which prints 75 meters at every moment, the ColorStream 3700 at every moment at 100 meters or the ColorStream 3900 which prints at 127 meters at every moment.

This means 324, 505, 675 or 857 A4-ppm (344, 537, 716, 909 letters) for a single unit or 648, 1010, 1350 or 1714 A4-ppm (688, 1070, 1432, 1818 letters) for a layout doubles with the highest monthly print volumes of up to 10, 16, 22 and 28 million A4 pages per month on a single image or up to 21, 33, 44 or 56 million A4 images per month on a double image; All with an apparent print quality of 1200 dpi for images and halftones thanks to the multi-level capability of DigiDot innovation. While the ColorStream 3200 offers a larger print width of 432 mm (17 “), the ColorStream 3500, 3700 and 3900 components offer the most extreme print width of 540 mm (21.25”).

Sharp advances for the brilliant match in shading

Some of the outstanding highlights of the ColorStream 3900ZTwin layout allow for a quick change between long black and white prints and full shading prints. The double idea allows an easy entry into the world of inkjet printing by starting with a single-sided mono form. The data center frame adapts flexibly in terms of rating, weight, and strength, just as a consistent link with existing conditions in terms of work process and completion facilitates the replacement of frames. More established non-stop toner-based power supply by the new ColorStream 3900ZTwin arrangement which makes progress in shading.

The ColorStream 3200 was another step forward in moving to full tint based on these capabilities with perfect speed for instant change from toner to ink. With the ColorStream 3500 and 3700, efficiency and standard throughput are improved with high print quality. The ColorStream 3900 accelerates change and meets the demands of huge print vendors with its top speed, combined with the brilliant developments of the ColorStream 3900Z series.

ColorStream 3900Z FAQs

What is the print resolution of ColorStream 3900Z ?

It can print up to 1200 dpi resolution

What is the print speed of ColorStream 3900Z ?

The Speed is Up to 857ppm (2 x 8.5 x 11)

Installation Procedure (Ij start Canon)

ij.start.canon1. Wireless Connection

How to start Canon Printer with Wireless ConnectionColorStream 3900Z Driver Download

Make the Connection between the printer and devices, like a computer/smartphone/tablet, using a wireless modem/router.

If you own a wireless modem/router, it is recommended that you use it to make the wireless connection.

ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download
  • It can be a variation of Connection methods, depending on the wireless router type.
  • The network settings can be changed, you can change the SSID and security protocol on the printer
  • After the connection between a device and a wireless modem/router is successfully completed and ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download (Wi-Fi icon) is displayed on the device’s screen, you are able to connect the device to the printer using the wireless router.

canon ij setup2. USB Connection

  • Download the driver software based on your operating system Version from the table below
  • Double Click on the driver software file
  • Follow the instruction
  • Connect the printer USB cable to your computer
  • When the installation procedures are done, print a test page
  • If it prints well, the printer is ready to use.

Canon ColorStream 3900Z Driver Download Links

Driver for MS. Windows all versions 32bit
Driver for MS. Windows all versions 64bit

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