Ij.Start.Canon Configuration

What is Ij.Start.Canon Setup

Ij.Start.Canon Configuration

Ij.Start.Canon is a term used for an application that allows you to print, and scan documents and photos remotely or use networks. Ij Start Canon is also known as IJ network tool, a system that saves your time in doing office work or other professional work.

Things that must be considered before doing the IJ.Start.Canon computer or laptop procedure with your Printer is, it is ensured that both devices, both printers, and computers must have a wifi connection.

After making sure the two devices have installed wifi, the next step is to install the driver (use the default Canon CD driver when buying a printer) or if you don’t have the CD, you can download it on this website. Choose the type of printer you want to install.

Then insert the CD into the CD drive and wait until the setup window. Click Setup and click Next. Then appears when the wireless setup option or settings use a cable, please select the wireless settings (if your Printer supports it).

For the complete procedure, you can follow the instruction here

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In General, this is the common way to Ij.Start.Canon Configuration

  • Start setup.  Click Next on the first screen.

Ij Start Canon Einrichten

  • Select Start SetupIj Start Canon Einrichten
    • Select appropriate region and click NextIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Select Yes on the License Agreement.Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Select Agree or Do Not Agree to the Survey.Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Status check occursIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Select Yes on the Connection Method.  *Note :  (Model #) used in example.  Actual model series number will appear in the setup program.Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Setup continues. If the *Select wireless router screen (below) appears, select the wireless router to connect to the printer, enter the Network Key (password) and click Next.* The router being used and its network settings determines whether or not this screen appearsIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Network Connection completed.  Click NextIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Drivers install.Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click Add Printer on the Add Printer screenIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • On the Add screen, select the TS series with Bonjour Multifunction listed in the Kind column.  Select the Canon TS(Model #) series* in the Use: dropdown list.*Note: the Model series varies by model, TS(Model #) series is used as an example onlyIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click Next on the Add Printer screen.Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click NextIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Setup complete.  Click NextIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Select any optional application software desired.  Click Next Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click Next Ij Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click Next or SkipIj Start Canon Einrichten

    • Click Exit to finish setting up Ij Start Canon   Ij Start Canon Einrichten

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