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Canon Printer Frequently Asked Questions

Why using Canon printer?

Canon printer is the most used printer in the world. The quality of this printer is No need to be in doubt because canon printer has many excellent features that enable you to Print, Scan, copy and Fax with only one touch.

Why using Canon printer to Scan?

Most Canon printers are equipped with scan feature, this feature enables you to scan without using an additional device. Moreover, the Canon Ij scan utility make scanning process easier and faster.

How do I scan a document from my Canon printer to pdf?

1. Open Canon Ij scan Utility
2. Prepare the documents you need to scan
3. Place a piece of document under the scanner
4. Click the document button of Canon Ij scan Utility software
5. Replace document under the scanner with other document
6. When all the documents have been scanned, click finish

What is the difference between MP and XPS drivers?

MP Driver is the driver used to install Canon IJ multifunction printer while XPS driver is to print color with more accurately with a 16 BPC driver


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